Remember the crazy torture test videos for Triumph Boats? Our founder created that campaign and all the work in it. Boating Magazine called it the “best boating advertising”. Over 80 million people worldwide have seen the “Bubba Test”, “The Crane Test” and “The Divine Intervention Test”.  And just last year alone, over 35 million people viewed “The Crane Test” after it was rediscovered on Facebook. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions we can’t show the videos on this site but you can easily find them online. They’ve been liked, shared and re-posted more than any other boating videos ever made. We can, however, show you some national coverage the campaign received when Triumph was featured on Inside Edition.

In addition to Triumph, David has also developed famous and successful work for Marquis Yachts, Carver Yachts, Wellcraft and SCARAB. He recently launched 33rd Strike Group’s successful line of economical power cats and pontoons. Check out the work below.

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