When we collaborate with our clients on brand strategy the objective is to create Brand Platform (some call it an Overarching Strategic Brief) that will focus, inspire and launch powerful integrated marketing solutions for years to come. Developing this platform is absolutely key to identifying, attracting, converting and maintaining customers. The most efficient and effective way to gather the information and context we need to develop your Brand Platform is to conduct a Stakeholder Survey, complete a Communications Audit, analyze your competitive set and most importantly, define your customers through quantitative research, qualitative research, data analytics or all three.

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Stakeholder Survey

Our Stakeholder Survey goes to select key decision-makers and influencers within your organization. (Up to six.) The questions are customized for your organization and are divided into the following three sections to help us uncover and define the best strategic direction.

Internal Brand Perceptions

  • Services - benefits/weaknesses/untapped opportunities

  • Defining Success - what marketing success looks like

  • Communications - what's working/what's not/what’s missing

  • Elevator Pitch – what you tell people makes your business so special



  • Identification – Who They Are

  • Perceived Strengths & Weaknesses



  • Who They Are: Demographics/Psychographics

  • Perceived Wants & Needs

  • Media - how do they find out about you

Communications Audit

During the communication audit we’ll gather all past and current marketing and advertising elements. These materials may include but are not limited to:

  • Mission, Vision & Positioning Statements

  • Any Existing Customer Research/Data

  • Any Existing Competitive Research

  • Any Strategic Briefs

  • Print Ads

  • Taglines

  • Banner Ads

  • Outdoor

  • Emails

  • Direct Mail

  • Website Copy

  • Sell Sheets

  • Presentations

  • White Papers

  • Business Cards

  • Promotions

  • Tradeshow/Event Marketing Materials

  • Signage

  • Collateral

  • Photographs

Once gathered we’ll go through each piece with you and evaluate what has and hasn’t worked. When developing the new campaign having this knowledge will allow us to capitalize on effective tactics while avoiding those that are not. In other words, the communications audit will ensure we don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater when we develop the new integrated campaign. This exercise will also help us identify missing customer touch point opportunities and prioritize specific tactics for them.

Competitive Analysis

Identifying and understanding your real competitors is critical if you want to successfully differentiate and position your company against them. Doing so will allow you to capitalize on their successes and failures and while guarding against any threats they may pose. A good competitive analysis will detail your competitors’:

  • Strategic positioning and personality

  • Target audience

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Geographic influence

  • Messaging and communications tactics


Consumer/Customer Research

If needed, Immortology will engage its consumer research team and/or data analysts to better understand your current, potential and lost customers’ real wants and needs. Knowing this is absolutely critical to developing an effective marketing strategy. We utilize data analysis and quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic research to identify the ones that can impact your business most.

Quantitative research such as online surveys and controlled testing and field trials (A/B testing, test markets, creative pre-testing and analysis of primary and secondary data) provide measurable, statistically relevant data from the marketplace. Generally speaking, quantitative research allows us to speak to a large number of people, in a relatively short timeframe cost effectively.

We also employ Big Data Analytics from your database, third-party sources or both to:

  • Identify your most valuable customers and where they are within specific geographic markets

  • Develop marketing personas of unique customer segments to inspire more tailored messaging for each

  • Optimize media planning or placement with the goal of maximizing reach while minimizing wastage

  • Measuring and analyzing campaign results

  • Developing attribution models to track the performance of specific tactics

  • Qualitative research provides insight into the emotional reasons people engage with a brand. Focus groups, one-on-one interviews, phone surveys, triads and ethnography are qualitative tactics we utilize to get at the why’s and what’s and emotional hot buttons that drive behavior.

  • To get the best understanding possible we like to use both on three types of customers:

  • Current customers

  • Customers who have left you for a competitor

  • Potential customers

The Brand Platform

Based on the findings from the Stakeholders Survey, Communications Audit, Competitive Analysis and Customer Research, Immortology will work closely with your team to craft an Overarching Strategic Brief (OSB). More than a strategic guide, the OSB will serve as your Brand Platform. It will be designed to inspire the development of a powerful integrated campaign and media plan (if needed). The brief will identify, define and articulate the following: 

  • Brand Workshops

  • The ideal customer’s psychological wants and needs + demographics

  • Campaign objectives

  • Biggest challenges

  • Main competitors + strengths + weaknesses + positioning

  • he most persuasive key message that will inspire ideal customers to buy

  • The most unique, relevant and meaningful benefits of your product or service

  • List of support points detailing why customers should buy your product or service

  • Deliverable deadlines

  • A strong call to action + mandatory elements that must be in each communication


The brief will be crafted to:

  • Potently distinguish your organization from competitors

  • Inspire the development of a highly creative and disruptive integrated campaign with impossible to ignore and hard to forget executions designed to attract your ideal customers