Good Agencies Work For Their Clients. Great Agencies Work For Their Clients' Customers.

Most agencies are under the false impression that the only client they need to impress is you. The problem with that is, when it comes to creating advertising that works, you’re not the client that matters – your customer is.

According to the CMO Council Report More Pain Less Gain, 65% of clients are unhappy with their agencies. Here’s why. When asked what marketers want from their agencies, four things consistently show up.  

Four Abilities That Separate Great Agencies From Merely Good

1. The Ability To Identify Actionable Customer Insights. 
Knowing what your customers want and need is useless unless you can leverage that knowledge to inspire them to take the action you want. Most agencies and research firms are really good at gathering the data but lousy at turning those findings into effective messages and actions.

Any agency that believes people want to engage, converse, interact with or have a relationship with your brand doesn’t get human nature.

2. The Ability To Develop Wildly Differentiating Strategies.
Innovative strategies only happen when both agency and client collaborate. Both must really understand and gain consensus on which customer insights are most valuable, your competitors’ positioning, your business objectives, your strengths and your limitations. Finally, all must agree on your real point of differentiation – the thing you’re most passionate
about and profitable doing that your customers really want and need which your competitors are unable or unwilling to fulfill.

3. The Ability To Execute Creative Experiences Customers Actually Like. 
Legendary strategies are useless if the work that comes from them fails to surprise and interest your customers. Ads not only need to be impossible to ignore and hard to forget, they must also strive to be as good or better than anything else within the media they appear. If your advertising isn’t noticed and remembered – game over.

4. The ability To Integrate Brand Experiences Across Paid, Owned And Earned Media. 
Lots of small ideas delivered to lots of small audiences via lots of small tactics and technologies add up to small returns – if any.  We politely call this ginormous waste of time, money and effort Multimediocrity. Short-term, short- lived one hit wonders aren’t enough anymore. Big ideas must also be long ones. Creative ideas must be a wellspring of executions that keep the main brand message perpetually surprising, fresh and interesting for decades. One big idea consistently delivered to a big audience through a big integrated campaign of tactics and technologies over a long period of time produces a really big return. 

The sad truth is, most agencies don’t have the strategic, creative and production chops to deliver on more than one of these much less all four. The good news is, you’re a click away from one that does.


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