8 Reasons You Should Hire Kudo Judo To Create Your Customer Testimonial Campaign Now


1. We’re The Only Turnkey Testimonial Production Company That Creates Fully Integrated Testimonial Campaigns For All Your On And Offline Marketing

Kudo Judo is the only full-service production company specializing in one thing and one thing only – creating powerful integrated customer testimonial campaigns. Instead of simply shooting testimonial videos we multi-purpose them to create a multichannel integrated campaign you can use for paid, earned and owned media:

· Broadcast TV
· YouTube Pre-Rolls
· Website Rotators
· Website Videos
· Social Media Static Banners
· Paid Banners
· Print Ads
· In-Store Signage, Posters or Wall Sticker
· Email
· Direct Mail

All work is turnkey and overseen by a team of professional shooters, editors and branding specialists so every execution matches your brand’s look and feel.

2. We’ve Created Hundreds Of Integrated Campaigns And Are Branding Experts


Kudo Judo is backed and overseen by Immortology, a full-service advertising agency with experience shooting hundreds of award-winning commercials and integrated campaigns for brands like Lipton Brisk, Smirnoff Ice, Pepsi, Triumph Boats, Aetna and EverBank to name a few. So not only do we understand how to tell a great brand story in video, we also know how tell it across all different types of media – on brand and on message.

We’ve managed and monitored hundreds of focus groups and have learned the fine art of what questions to ask and when and how to ask them to get the very best responses.  

We draw upon our big brand experience to make extremely powerful testimonial campaigns for all our clients – no matter how big or small they are.

3. We Were Created By A Full-Service Ad Agency To Better Serve Their Clients

Kudo Judo productions is backed by Immortology – a full-service advertising agency whose creative, strategic and project management teams have created hundreds of successful campaigns for some of the world’s best brands. They created Kudo Judo Productions as a standalone company to solve the inefficiencies, pricing and quality issues that come with hiring a production company or an agency to create testimonial campaigns.

Kudo Judo Productions was built, staffed and managed from the ground up to do one thing – and one thing only - creating extraordinarily persuasive customer testimonial campaigns.

4. Our Pricing Is Competitive And Our Finished Work Can’t Be Beat

Ad agencies will charge two to three times more than we do. The simple reason is they’re not staffed with the right people to shoot, edit and oversee them. They’d have to outsource the production and assign a team of designers, writers, project managers and creative directors to oversee the production. For a one-time job, the efficiencies would be extremely low and cost prohibitive. We know because Kudo Judo was created by a full-service ad agency to remove these inefficiencies and better serve our clients.

Production companies are great at creating good-looking videos. Not so great at creating powerful customer testimonials and really not good at all at turning them into on-brand integrated campaigns. For starters, they simply don’t know the right questions to ask and when and how to ask them. We do. We’ve spent thousands of hours in focus groups for brands in every category imaginable, interviewing every type of customer conceivable and we’ve learned the fine art of how to tease amazing responses from almost anyone.

Just like agencies aren’t staffed to shoot and edit videos, production companies are not staffed with branding specialists who can multipurpose the videos into on-brand, on message social media posts, print ads and TV spots.

In other words, what you get for the price from Kudo Judo simply cannot be matched by video production companies and ad agencies.

5. Our Integrated Testimonial Campaigns Will Help You Close More Sales


The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth referrals from real people who have bought or used a product or service. Period. An on-brand campaign of customer testimonials integrated across broadcast, social, direct, print, on-site and in-store executions will help:

· Convince potential customers on the fence to choose you
· Drive more traffic to your site
· Increase qualified leads
· Close more sales on site
· Boost SEO performance
· Amplify your on & offline marketing by providing powerful branded content you can use over & over again

What’s more, customer testimonials don’t have an expiration date. They can continue to work for you for years to come. That said, we do suggest you refresh and add to them by creating new testimonials every 6 to 12 months.

6. We Know They Work Because They Work For Our Clients

While we can’t attribute increases in sales directly to our customer testimonials, we do know they are usually the most viewed, liked and shared content on our clients’ sites and in their social media marketing programs. Our clients consider them to be a strong competitive advantage – especially when potential buyers are deciding between them and another company.

7. Research Proves Customer Testimonials Are The Most Effective Marketing Content

Don’t just take our word for how effective customer testimonials are. Below are a few stats from third-party researchers that prove our point:

WebDAM reports that customer testimonials beat all other types of content marketing in effectiveness.

The same WebDAM study concludes that branded landing pages containing videos experienced an 86% increase in conversion rates. 

In a marketing survey by Tech Validate, 94% of respondents rated customer testimonials as the most convincing form of marketing content.

 A Bright Local survey of 3,600 American and Canadian consumers found 78% of customers trust online reviews of other customers just as much as recommendations from other acquaintances.

The same survey found 67% of consumers only need to see six or fewer testimonials to trust that company.

According to a McKinsey Study quoted in Forbes, marketing that originates through word-of-mouth will generate on average twice the number of sales than paid advertising and customers generally have a 37% higher retention rate.

8. You Should Consider Creating A Testimonial Campaign Now

Just like everything else in marketing, it takes time for testimonials to start working. The longer you put off doing them, the longer you won’t get the benefits of having them.

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