After 25+ years of creating transformative advertising for some of the world’s most successful companies, David decided it was time to transform the advertising agency. Fed up with an industry hell bent on churning out disposable, short-term and short-sighted work that chronically falls short of marketing goals, he founded Immortology. With the mission of helping clients outsmart, outdo and outlast their competitors, David and his fellow Immortologists are mixing strategy, art and technology to turn ads into long-term assets. Impossible to ignore, hard to forget and highly effective, Immortology’s long ideas are big ideas designed and written to not only work across new and old media but to generate awareness and revenue forever.

Unlike his name, David’s career has been anything but ordinary. As a copywriter, creative director and agency owner he’s had the pleasure (and pain) of working with celebrities like Bruce Willis, James Brown, Robin Leach, Gary Coleman, Tom Jones, Patrick Stewart and an unruly 1,500 lb. grizzly bear named Koda.
Before Immortology, David was the Executive Creative Director of Carton Donofrio Partners in Baltimore where he helped the 47-year-old agency retool its creative and strategic offerings. Previous to Carton Donofrio Partners, he was co-founder and CCO of The Republik, a Web 2.0 pioneer and Group Creative Director and Senior Partner of J. Walter Thompson’s flagship office in New York. His on and offline work for all three agencies has been the subject of dozens of articles, broadcasts and case studies.

Brandweek named his campaign for Palladium Shoes one of its "Best Guerrilla Campaigns of The Year". His contagious videos for Triumph Boats have been seen and shared by over 70 million people worldwide and covered by The New York Times, Inside Edition, and TruTV. In a seven-page feature on Triumph’s advertising, Boating Magazine said, “Triumph makes the best commercials in boating.”

Time wrote a feature story about his creative work for Fayetteville, NC and named his launch campaign for RCA’s Digital Satellite System, the most effective new product launch of the year. The online movement he started against bad advertising, StopTheAdness.org, won the 4A’s "Most Transformative Idea" award for CartonDonofrio Partners.

At J. Walter Thompson, he won the coveted Bermuda Department of Tourism account, brought Lipton Brisk back from the dead and launched Smirnoff Ice, the most successful new product introduction in United Distillers and Vintners’ history. At legendary agencies Ammirati & Puris and BBDO, he created groundbreaking and award-winning ads for Nikon, Pepsi, Aetna, RCA and Frito-Lay.

The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Adweek, MediaPost and Ad Age have all written about his work. His TV spots have been featured stories on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and CNN/FN. His website concepts have been selected multiple times by Communication Arts as their "Web Picks of the Week". From Gold Clios to a One Show Pencil, David has won virtually every creative award the industry offers.

The Museum of Modern Art included one of his Lipton Brisk commercials in its permanent collection, Graphic Design USA selected him as one of their “people to watch”. He recently judged the One Show’s international radio competition and presented The Power Of Creative Constraints advertising majors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Secret To Brand Immortality to MBA candidates at Duke’s Fuqua School Of Business and How Big Data + A Big Creative Idea Delivered Big Returns For A Small Museum to University of Virginia students.