There are no hacks, shortcuts or steals when it comes to strategizing, developing and executing marketing that works. There are no marketing silver bullets, holy grails or secret of secrets that will increase your revenue easily, quickly or cheaply. There are no off-the-rack, one-size fits all solutions that will make your organization look or perform better year after year.

There is, however, Immortology.

After creating transformative advertising for some of the world’s most successful companies, we decided it was time to transform the advertising agency. Fed up with an industry hell bent on churning out disposable, short-term and short-sighted work that leaves clients short-changed, we founded Immortology. With the mission of helping clients outsmart, outdo and outlast their competitors, we specialize in creating long ideas. Impossible to ignore and hard to forget, long ideas are big ideas designed to not only work across various forms of new and old media but to stand the test of time.

What if everyone's wrong?

What if everyone’s got it wrong about organic sharing, content marketing, native advertising and digital display ads? What if for the vast majority of businesses this stuff is a complete waste of time?

Organic social media sharing is dead. Organic reach of brand content on Facebook has dropped to less than 2% and is destined to reach zero. According to research from Forrester, less than one tenth of one percent [of visiting Facebook users] like, share, or comment on content provided by the world’s top 50 brands. The same holds true to Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Content is not king. According to a recent survey from the CMO Council and Content ROI Center, only 12% of marketers are happy with their content, only 2% are satisfied with their content strategy and only 38% think their content marketing is effective at all. 

Native ads erode trust. According to research from Contently, two-thirds of people felt deceived after realizing an article or video was sponsored by a brand.

Display ads are basically worthless. The average banner needs to be served 1,250 times to get just one click. For every 10k Facebook fans a brand has, only seven will engage.
Three in 10,00
0 is the number of click throughs ads get from engaged Twitter fans.

Consumers are fed up. US online ad blocking is up 48% over the last 12 months.

What if, contrary to what everyone's saying, these tactics don't generate demand for most companies?

Instead Of Wasting Your Time And Money, What If Your Marketing Did The Following:

You should feel this excited about your marketing.

You should feel this excited about your marketing.

  • Reached more people, more frequency with a smaller media budget?
  • Attracted more loyal customers?
  • Motivated more people to consider and buy more often?
  • Rallied your entire employee team?
  • Reduced promotions and discounting?
  • Helped your business become more immune to economic downturns than your competitors?
  • Made you actually proud of your advertising?
  • Increased your market share?
  • Produced dramatically longer lasting campaigns?
  • Caused people to actually look forward to watching, reading or experiencing your ads?
  • Generated more free press?
  • Made your competitors nervous and envious?

What if we can do all that for you and more? Would you be interested?

We Don’t Create Ads. We Create Long-Term Assets.

Nothing give you better returns than big, long ideas.

Nothing give you better returns than big, long ideas.


Big ideas aren’t enough anymore. They also need to be long. If you want to maximize the number of people who notice, like, share and remember your advertising, you need to think beyond the big idea. Today you need a long idea. While big ideas usually have a shelf life of 18 – 24 months (not coincidentally the average tenure of CMOs), long ideas can last decades or more. Think Geico’s We’ll save you 15% in 15 minutes or Nike’s Just Do It campaigns. Each has created hundreds of executions over the last 20+ years that surprisingly and brilliantly support these two basic messages. Big ideas integrate across multiple channels. Long ideas do that plus inspire hundreds of entertaining, informative, and interesting executions for many years. 

Long ideas also last longer. Individual executions in long campaigns get viewed, discussed, shared, talked about and remembered for years to come. In a digital world, great ideas can literally fuel awareness and sales forever. For example a video our founder, David Smith, created for Triumph Boats back in 2008 recently got re-discovered and generated an incredible 38 million views and more than 568,000 shares – without any promotion whatsoever. Spots he created for Lipton Brisk and Smirnoff Ice are getting thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of new views every year.

Truth is most agencies and design firms simply don’t have the strategic, creative and production chops to conceive and execute big business building ideas much less long ones. They’re staffed and managed to crank out lots of disposable, short-term, short-lived ideas with results that frankly, come up short. To continue with the theme, this is incredibly short-sighted.





Here’s why.

Multiple disposable small ideas – even when they’re integrated across lots of different media channels - produce small returns, if any. To be noticed, experienced and remembered small ideas just don’t cut it. With thousands of loud, aggressive, disruptive, relentless and interruptive distractions vying for our attention all day - every day - small ideas don’t stand a chance. At best, they’re invisible and at worst, incredibly annoying. We call this Multimediocrity and it’s the number one reason why advertising in specific and marketing in general are both losing their effectiveness. It’s also why 48% more Americans are using ad blockers this year and 80% of CEOs don’t trust marketers. Ouch.

What’s more most of these tactics are designed to “engage” highly targeted people who have already shown interest in or bought from you. The simple truth is you can’t grow your business from people who were probably going to buy your product or service anyway. For most businesses, real growth comes from “light” buyers and people who are not in your target market. Light buyers are the infrequent purchasers of your brand and are just as likely to buy your competitor’s. You also need to reach the people who are not interested in your brand, have no idea you even exist and if they ever did buy you, can’t remember when or why.

To watch all three videos, click here.

To watch all three videos, click here.

Advertising that raises awareness is scarce. Advertising that’s authentic, entertaining, informative, memorable and sells is priceless. Creating that level of work is hard and it takes time. And most agencies shy away from doing things that are hard and time-consuming. You and your customers not only deserve better, you also deserve longer. 

We Make The 1% Of Advertising People Notice, Love, Share And Remember.

Organic reach on social media is dead.

Organic reach on social media is dead.

Forget what you’ve heard. Forget what you’ve read. The truth is, people don’t want to have a relationship, conversation or deep interactive engagement with your brand. Nope, not even Millennials. They don’t want to share your content with their friends (unless it really benefits them). And unless your brand happens to be a famous musician, actor, model or politician, social isn’t going to be very social to you.

“Any marketers who believe they’re having a conversation (with brand’s fans on Facebook) are delusional.”
- Nate Elliott, VP/Analyst, Forrester Research

Therefore we don’t waste our time and your money trying to create relationships, conversations or deep engagements with consumers. We’re a full-service agency intensely focused on one thing and one thing only - to stimulate the consumption of your products and services. Period.

Truth is, people don’t hate advertising. They hate bad advertising. Even Millennials are attracted to and swayed by great ads. (Although they’ll never admit it.) There was a time when everyone was saying the same thing about GenX and Y. When it gets down to it no one’s really immune to anything they find really entertaining, informative, attractive and valuable – not even advertising.



At the heart of it, we do two things exceptionally well.

1. We develop wildly differentiating brand platforms that are built to last and perpetually inspire decades of creative work that never gets old.

2. We produce integrated campaigns of highly creative solutions that never fail to surprise, inform, interest, attract and entertain our clients’ customers.

And we’re very successful at it because we hold everything we do to a higher standard – no matter how big or small the project. Our ideas must be more interesting, entertaining or informative than the medium in which they appear. If it’s online, it must be the most compelling thing on the site. If it’s in print, it needs to be the best thing in the publication. If it’s a billboard, we want it stopping traffic.

All marketing – digital, social, native, traditional and even content - is interruptive. We just make damn sure the interruption is worth it. Doing anything less is just plain rude. Impossible to ignore, hard to forget and authentically surprising are the criteria by which we judge our work. Are you ready to join the 1%?



To find out how we can help you outsmart, outdo and outlast your competitors, let’s talk.