It Seems Like Every Agency And Marketing Guru Has A Different Definition For Mission, Vision And Promise. Here's Ours:

Answers three questions about why an organization exists:

  • WHAT it does                           
  • WHO it does it for                   
  • HOW it does what it does

Defines the optimal desired future state:

  • The mental picture - of what an organization wants to achieve over time
  • Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years
  • Ideally it sets a goal or standard that can never be achieved, fostering a culture of perpetual improvement

Pledges a meaningful benefit your customers and employees should unfailingly expect from your company, products and/or services

  • Trust and loyalty are the rewards of keeping it
  • Indifference, anger and/or lost business are the wages of breaking it

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