Our Logo Is A Reinterpretation Of The Ouroboros, A 5,000 Year Old Symbol Of Immortality. 



The ouroboros, or infinity snake, embodies the perpetual and cyclic renewal of life. In an eternal cycle of renewal, the ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain itself. For us, it's a powerful symbol of the over-arching goal we set for each of our clients – brand immortality. We’ve embedded several hidden meanings within the mark itself. Here’s a few of them.


The outer ring is a graphic ouroboros with an open mouth on one end and a tail on the other. This modern take on the ouroboros represents the eternal virtuous cycle immortal brands create between themselves and their customers. The more brands deliver what their customers truly want and need, the more customers they attract. The more customers they attract, the more the brand grows and so on and so on into perpetuity.


The three rings the dragon forms, represent the three things every successful brand must intimately understand to achieve its highest potential:

Itself • Its customers • Its competitors

A brand’s highest purpose lies at the crossroads of where the things it is most profitable and passionate doing intersect with its customers’ true wants and needs that its competitors are unable or unwilling to fulfill. The white diamond formed by the intersection of the dragon’s three coils symbolizes an indestructible higher purpose.


The three colored bands represent our promise to help our clients outsmart, outdo and outlast their competitors.



The figure eight made by the dragon’s curving tail, represents infinity and the eight steps every brand must take to achieve brand immortality.

Versions of the ouroboros can be found in virtually every culture throughout history. It appeared in Egypt as early as 1600 BC and was adopted by the Phoenicians and then the Greeks. It can also be found in Norse, Chinese, Hindu, West African and Aztec mythology. In psychology, the ouroboros is a Jungian archetype for... surprise, surprise... immortality.