According to an exhaustive Millward Brown study, print ads are more effective at boosting brand favorability than online ads and TV spots.

Here’s three more reasons, print should be considered for your marketing mix:

  • Temple University did a study that found print advertising is more memorable than digital.
  • MillwardBrown found that a combination of print and TV outperformed a mix of print and digital by increasing recall.
  • Print ads are proven to raise sales and produce a positive ROI

Like TV, one of the biggest issues with print is not its effectiveness – it’s that most agencies aren’t staffed with copywriters, designers and art directors who know how to craft great print ads. We are. Over the years we’ve crafted hundreds of highly effective print ads. Below is a sampling of them.

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  • Art Direction
  • Design/Illustration
  • Photographer Bidding
  • Photography Buying
  • Media Planning & Placement



Obsession Bows


Museum of Life + Science

Armstrong Athletic

Burkely Student Communities

Cramer Mountain Club

Care Plastic Surgery

Bermuda Tourism


Lenox Salon

Courtyard Commons

The Evolution Store



Lipton Brisk


Playworld Systems

Smirnoff Ice