Impossible To ignore and hard to forget SOCIAL Media & Other ONLINE ADVERTISING

Practically anyone can create and run a social media campaign. Problem is, practically everyone is. Everybody and your mother - literally - are competing for attention and your ad dollars on social media. And therein lies the problem. With everyone from your competitors to news organizations to celebrities to your Aunt Bessie posting and vying for attention, the biggest hurdle is simply getting noticed. While we all have access to the same targeting and tracking technologies and design templates, only a few have the strategic and creative chops to make ads for social media that consistently get noticed, remembered and drive consideration and purchase.

So ignore the hype on ad technology and tracking. They are important but hardly a competitive advantage anymore. Today what makes the difference between a wildly successful social media campaign and a mediocre one is the idea behind it. 

The simple reason is this. Humans are hardwired for novelty and surprise. Creative advertising has the power to elicit both. Research has proven unequivocally that people pay more attention to creative ads (B2B or B2C), recall them better and talk about them more. Companies who utilize them spend less on media and sell more. According to research conducted by Peter Field for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), creative ads are 11 times more efficient at selling stuff than other ads. What’s more, consumers have more positive feelings about companies and their products that utilize more creative advertising.*

And we just happen to be experts at developing creative ideas that deliver an unfair share of attention and conversions. It takes a special kind of talent to create ads that make science centers, student housing, massage therapy products, plastic surgeons and socks more interesting, entertaining and informative than posts from friends, relatives and celebrities. But that’s exactly what we did and did it well. Read our client testimonials here.

Developing legendary creative is hard work. Only a very small percentage of agencies - digital or traditional - have the strategic, creative and production chops to make the kind of advertising people actually pay attention to and like. Because most agencies can’t do it, they’re the first ones to tell you creativity is overrated and the last ones to show their creative work.

So instead of listening to them, work with us. To find out how we can create impossible to ignore and hard to forget integrated campaigns your customers will actually notice, like and respond to click here.

*The Case For Creativity, James Hurman

We offer the following social media services:

  • Strategic Development

  • Custom targeting

  • Analytics

  • Creative Development
    - Campaign minimum of 3 ads
    - Or purchase an ongoing package of weekly posts (3-month minimum)

NOTE: One of the biggest mistakes we're seeing today over and over again is media plans failing to optimize media mix. Most clients are spending way too heavily on short-term, direct response online tactics. Social is one of these. While you can do some brand building using Social Media, it simply is not as effective as traditional media such as TV, Print, Radio and Outdoor. Because it can be highly targeted, Social Media advertising can be very effective in reaching people who have indicated they are interested in a product or service like yours. However, that’s not the best or safest way to grow your business. The best way is to combine targeted, sales activation ads online with long-term brand building ideas offline. Social media and any online advertising exponentially better when combined with traditional media to boost awareness. People are 70% more likely to buy a product or service online when they know the brand.

Offline (traditional) advertising is best at generating demand. Online is best at fulfilling demand. According to the Advertising Research Foundation, the optimal media mix for maximizing advertising effectiveness for most businesses is 78% traditional and 22% online. For targeting Millennials the ratio is only slightly different with 71% traditional and 29% online. The average business places 72% of its advertising on online media – almost the direct opposite of what they should be doing to maximize growth. For companies that do not sell directly to customers/consumers through an e-commerce site, the above ratios should logically be even more skewed towards offline media like TV, radio, in-store POS, print, etc. This is because offline channels are more efficient and effective at generating awareness and demand while online channels are better at converting those who are aware of and are ready to purchase a particular brand/product. A $1 million dollar study by Ebiquity confirms research by the ARF and Bass-Ehrenberg Institute that TV - believe it or not - is the most efficient channel delivering "almost twice the sales uplift relative to media spend than Search and Radio, and five times more sales uplift relative to media spend than Out-of-Home, Online Video and Online Display Media." (This, of course, will change over time as online channels are willing to prove their reach and effectiveness compared to offline channels – right now, they’re not willing to be audited by an impartial party to allow a fair comparison can be made.)










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