Despite what you’ve read, TV isn’t going away. In fact, TV reaches over 87% of Americans over 18 and it's still the most effective advertising medium - by far. Read here and here.

In an apple to apple comparison to digital tactics, TV is four times more effective at delivering key KPIs like sales and new accounts. While other on and offline media have declined by 10% in effectiveness, TV is the only media channel that's held steady over the last five years. Instead of dying, TV screens are multiplying and spreading to phones, pads and laptops. And contrary to the digerati, many of the most successful viral videos online started out as :30 TV spots.

The biggest issue with TV these days isn’t the medium. It’s the execution. Truth is, there are only a handful of agencies staffed with writers and art directors who know how to craft great TV and have the right production connections to execute them. That’s why you don’t see a lot of great TV spots anymore. Fortunately you found us. Our founder, David Smith, has created some of the most memorable, contagious and effective TV and online videos ever. A video he created for Triumph Boats recently racked up 38 million views and over 500k shares in less than four months. His classic TV spots for Lipton Brisk and Smirnoff Ice still attract tens of thousands of views online every month.

To find out if TV or Video is right for your media mix, inquire here for a free consultation. 


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