Customer Testimonials Have The Honor Of Being The Most Effective And The Most Difficult Content To Make.

The reason testimonials are effective is obvious – they’re endorsements for your products or services by the people who paid for and used them. Marketing doesn’t get any more powerful or convincing then that.


The reasons they’re hard to make are multiple:

  • Video testimonials are most engaging. Shooting real and authentic video testimonials is an art and skill few possess. Great video testimonial require great lighting, sound, composition, editing, graphics and music.
  • An integrated campaign of online video, in-store posters, social media banners and collateral works best. You need a marketing team to make sure they all work together and have a consistent look and feel that matches your brand.
  • You need great customer quotes. Great quotes come from knowing the right questions to ask and when.
  • You need at least three. Getting three great testimonials usually requires shooting six or more customers.
  • You need to refresh them every six months or so.

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Kudo Judo Is A Turnkey Marketing And Production Company Specializing In Making Integrated Campaigns From Customer Testimonials.

Working with us couldn’t be easier. Our expert production managers arrange everything. All you need to do is supply us with a list of customers you’d like us to shoot. (We suggest a minimum of six.)

Every testimonial project from pre-production to editing to design to final delivery is managed and overseen by our award-winning creative team. Our video production team consists of writers, art directors, lighting specialists, sound engineers, editors and directors who’ve worked on hundreds of videos. Together, we’ll turn your testimonials into an integrated campaign designed to match your brand’s look and feel.

  • Video for online and broadcast
  • In-store posters
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Online banners for social media
  • PowerPoint Templates

Don’t have a branded look and feel? No problem. Our graphic designers can create an entire suite of brand identity elements for you including:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Branded giveaways

We Know The Right Questions To Ask And When.

The interview is everything in creating the best testimonials.
Our skilled teams of shooters know exactly how to coax out
incredible quotes and stories from even the most camera
shy customers.

Your Place Or Ours?
We Can Shoot Anywhere.

Your place, ours or somewhere completely different, we can make it happen.

If you need help promoting the campaign, we offer the following services:

When you’re ready to refresh your campaign with new testimonials, we’ll be ready to do it again.

  • Paid broadcast placement
  • YouTube pre-rolls
  • Promoted search
  • Direct mail lists, printing and fulfillment
  • Brochure and banner printing

Types of Integrated Testimonials Campaigns We Create

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Demonstration (How they use your product or service)
  • Employee Testimonial (For recruiting new employees)
  • Customer Feedback (For researching what current lost and prospective customers like and dislike about your products, services and competitors)
  • Vendor Feedback (For researching what different companies and people who serve you think about your products, services and competitors)

What Our Basic Package Looks Like

  • Three individual customer testimonials up to 3 minutes long (To get three great testimonials, we need to film 7-10 interviews.
    Each final video will incorporate graphics, fonts and colors to match your brand standards.)
  • Three 15 second videos that can be used as broadcast and/or online (YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook posts, hosted on your website)
  • One 30 second commercial that can be used for broadcast or online
  • We'll design it to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Three Facebook static banners
  • Three LinkedIn static banners
  • One quarter page or full page print ad
  • One in-store poster

Here’s An Integrated Testimonial Campaign We Created For Mark Jacobson Toyota:

:30 Broadcast or Pre-Roll Videos

:15 Broadcast or Pre-Roll Videos

Non-Broadcast Longer Online Testimonial Videos

Web Site Rotators

Social Media Banners: LinkedIn + Facebook

In-store POS Signage & Traditional Print Ad

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