We Make Brands Immortal

Immortology is a full-service agency specializing in creating legendary creative and strategic solutions that help our clients outsmart, outdo and outlast – not outspend – their competitors. Our secret? We help companies discover their true calling. Then we unleash it in ways that surprise and delight their customers, rally their employees and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

By relentlessly pursuing brand immortality, we fuel eternal growth and prosperity for our clients.

It gives us purpose. It drives everything we do and every decision we make. But above all, the goal of brand immortality holds us to a higher standard. It demands a whole new level of thinking that goes beyond the tactical to the timeless. From the for now to the forever. Where good is never good enough. And anything short of legendary just doesn’t cut it.


Advertising                            Integrated Campaigns             Contagious Content

Consumer Research             Communications Analysis         Brand Platform Development

Communication Plans          Strategic Planning                       Creative & Strategic Oversight

Competitive Analysis             Media Planning                           Media Buying

Website Design                     Data Analytics                             Brand Workshops

Graphic Design                      Corporate ID                                Brand & Product Launches

Package Design                      Project Management                 Environmental Design 

Account Services                  Touch Point Audits                     Trade Show Marketing

Public Relations                      TV                                                  Print

Radio                                        Direct Mail                                   Out of Home        

Video                                       Interactive                                   Mobile

Guerrilla                                  Collateral                                    SEO/SEM

These are just a sampling of the tactics and services we utilize to make brands Immortal. We’re not only media and idea agnostic, we’re also talent agnostic. Our network of expert specialists allows us to bring you the very best talent for the job at hand. No more. No less.

We have a tried and true proprietary process that helps businesses outsmart, outdo and outlast their competitors. It’s proven over and over again to deliver the insights, strategies and creative executions that make businesses grow and prosper over time.

To ensure we don’t jump to wrong conclusions or let our personal views drive incorrect strategies, plans and solutions, we make absolutely sure we have a deep and intimate understanding of:

  1. You. Through one-on-one interviews, anonymous stakeholder surveys and workshops, we get to know everything about your company, products, services, messaging, research and employees – warts and all. We make sure we understand your short and long-term goals, assess your needs and gain consensus.
  2. Your Competitors. Through first and third-party research we find out everything we can about your competitive set. Who poses the biggest threat? What is their Achilles heel? (Every company has one.) How are they positioning themselves against you and everyone else?
  3. Your Customers. If needed, we engage Whyology, our consumer research department, to craft quantitative, qualitative and/or ethnographic studies to uncover actionable insights. We’ll find out who your best customers are and define them both demographically and psychographically (what drives them). We’ll uncover what they most want and need from your product, service or company that they can’t get anywhere else. We’ll get a complete understanding of how they view you and your competitors and discover ways we can change their perceptions.


Based on our analysis and consensus on you, your competitors and your customers, we develop the following:

  1. A Brand Platform
  2. An Overarching Creative Brief
  3. A 12-month Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan including:
  • Budgets
  • Deliverables
  • Milestones & Deadlines
  • Media Plan & Insertion Dates

The Brand Platform is your key strategic document that drives all tactical initiatives. The Overarching Creative Brief unifies and integrates messaging across all media and technologies. The IMC Plan serves as a calendar guide to all activities and deliverables we’ll be executing over a 12-month period.

Based on the Overarching Creative Brief and Media Plan, we develop Tactical Creative Briefs for each initiative. This ensures that we create the right message, for the right target in the right medium. Each tactical initiative will be designed to support the key message and objective in the over arching creative brief. That way, every brand experience is integrated across all media and technologies to deliver a consistent and powerful message.

Our world-class team of art directors, graphic designers and writers will develop impossible to ignore and hard to forget brand experiences that will surprise and delight those that encounter them.

We then execute these ideas utilizing our network of best-in-class broadcast production companies, interactive developers, printers, photographers, illustrators, etc.

Once the ideas are in the market, we analyze and measure what’s working and what isn’t. We optimize what is, discard what isn’t and continually revise and create as necessary to maximize return.

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