That's Fantastic. We Have Some Great Ideas For What You Should Do With Your Great Ideas.

But before we get to them, we have a few questions for you:

  • Would you tell your cardiologist how he should operate on your heart?
  • Would you tell your attorney what his closing argument should be?
  • Would you tell your plumber what wrench he should use?

Of course not. It would be incredibly arrogant and rude to assume you know more than the expert you’ve hired to do the job, right?

Ditto with us advertising pros. This is not a hobby or something we do for kicks. It’s a trade we’ve dedicated decades of learning, honing and crafting to perfect. Marketers big and small seek our counsel and pay us handsomely for our experience and expertise. Coming up with the right strategies and solutions is ridiculously hard work – even for us.

Ask yourself: Would you tell your dentist how to drill your tooth?

So imagine how we feel when a potential client dismisses our skills, talent and expertise by essentially saying they can do our job better than we can. 

And even though most agencies will smile and congratulate you on your thinking and maybe even execute those great ideas you have, inside they’ll be thinking you’re a rude schmuck.

So here’s what you should do with those great ideas before you talk to us or any other professionals:

  1. Put them in a weighted box and drop them in the deepest depths of the ocean.
  2. Use them as kindling for you next campfire.
  3. If you have a bird, use them to line the bottom of its cage.
  4. Feed them to a goat.
  5. Tie them to a large helium balloon and let it go.
  6. Turn them into paper airplanes and fly them off a tall building.
  7. Shred them into confetti to use at the party you throw for us for turning your advertising into a huge competitive advantage.

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